Toro Del Mar Sosa

artist's philosophy  and key principles


Animal Rights

My paintings speak about respect for the animals rights.  The bull fighting  has touched my heart, since my early childhood; I aspire to share my art that promotes LOVE for animal life and human values.  The world is changing, and today Bull fighting and protection of animal rights has become a controversial issue, which affects the global consciousness increasingly, the world woke up together and is evolving.  Art is the way to communicate and to reach out.


My paintings speak of a positive philosophy called "TOROY" (Bull King), All which is inspired by the events mentioned above. When I arrived in Montreal I encountered numeral challenges to continue my career, I felt like "Bull in the bullfight LIFE". Painting was always my passion. Today I am sharing my values and inner strength through my paintings. My goal is to raise awareness for values of all good human beings, that I feel are getting lost in our society for various reasons. This is the message I am sending through my work to the present and future generations. Remember: "... Take life by the horns", because "... We all have an inner Taurus".


I am devoted to my career as afull-time painter and creating my own style of painting. I'm not trying to replicate a real image of an imaginary goal, but rather movements of “The Magic World TOROY” with symbolism touches and sometimes abstract elements. Go on a journey and discover hidden messages through my characters: Mr. TOROY, his beloved "Diva TOROY Catrina" and others. In addition, the purpose of my life work is to find the lost child in all of us and encourage to love art and live Each Day with happiness and believe in you to accomplish your dreams.

Performance - Solo


  • Ouverture Galerie Privé TOROY, Janvier 2015

  • Émission "Ménage à trois", Canal V, Octobre 2014

  • Composition, Café El Dorado, 2014

  • Homage aux 7 Arts, Galerie 203, Montréal, July 2013

  • Composition, Café Lallouz, Montréal, 2013

  • Collection Printemps, Restaurant Laora, Mont Saint-Hilaire, 2012

  • Collection Maya, Café Tinto, Montréal, 2011



  • Interview at radio CIBL 101.5FM Latino Lab, June 2015

  • Interview with LatinArte Magazine, April 2014

  • Radio Centre-Ville 102.3, "Planète en Folie" with Black Market and Ramata Abdoulaye

Performance - Collective


  • Art Legacy New Mexico Auction, Avril 2015

  • Exposition "Jeudi sur Notre-Dame" semaine contre le racisme, Mars 2015

  • Exposition "Nuit Blanche Montréal", Février 2015

  • Exposition Collective Multi-Art Diversité Artistique, Janvier 2015

  • Exposition "NocturneArt ", Galerie 203, 4 Juin 2014

  • Auction Art of XXI Century, 27 May 2014

  • Pop Art exposition, galerie 203, 12 May 2014 

  • Exposition "Collection Comic", ArtCible and LatinArte, Montréal, April 2014 

  • Exposition "Christmas Collective", Galerie 203, Montréal, 2013

  • Event "Yellow Week", Galerie 203, Montréal, 2013

  • Event "Automobile Art", Galerie 203, Montréal, 2013

  • Galerie TOROY, Mont Saint-Hilaire 2012

  • Ouverture Galerie TOROY, December 2011

  • Vernissage Collectif, Galerie TOROY, Janvier 2012

  • Event "Carnaval" Galerie TOROY, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Février 2012

  • Event "Naissance du Printemps" Galerie TOROY, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Mars 2012

  • Event "La paix des braves" Galerie TOROY, Mont Saint-Hilaire, June 2012

  • Event "7" Galerie TOROY, Mont Saint-Hilaire, August 2012