Throughout my life, I was fascinated by the magic, exoticism, the spiritual message and glamor that can bring jewellery. A legacy for many cultures : Mayas, Aztecs, Ancient Europe, African, Asia. ​Over the the years and trips, I collected "Beads" of several corner or the world that I visited.  I consider important to create something that represents me, who speaks of being unique, to be free and respectful to my dignity as a person and human being.  My goal is to create an element that represents the diversity and my tribute to the culture and the freedom.   Many times people have asked me: "…where did you buy this necklace? "


​​Today,  I want to share with you my passion for creating from different materials such as Stone, Crystals, Glass, Metal Steel, Silver, Wood, Plastic and Resin. No there is no secret: It is simply a dose of composition, friendship, patience and passion.  Each necklace and design are unique. The same way, everyone is different and personalized and are signed with the TOROY plate and beads which certifies my creation and originality…. In addition, some necklaces are represented in some of my paintings telling a fascinating story.


Toro Del Mar Sosa